Friday, June 27, 2008

My Home Education

My 5 years as a parent has taught me more, I'm convinced, than could ever be taught in a course. Like the Hungarian gypies who teach their children music by simply handing them a violin and admitting them into the band, we're tossed into Motherhood and nothing teaches us the notes like simply doing it.

My children have taught me far more than tangible gifts like washing my hair while holding a baby, or keeping my bag stocked to Mary Poppins proportions. They've showed me slow down, and to speed up. They are total zen masters- soaking, clearing, being.

They've taught me that I have far less patience than I thought, and that patience is a muscle; built by being worked. They are beautifully complex, irresistibly gentle, wildly manic, intensely intelligent and wrap it all effortlessly in saintly humility.

Children remind me my most productive days are the days I laugh the most, not how much I get done. They show me my every action, word, breath is a stitch in the quilt of their childhood. They keep me in the wonder of nature, of learning, of newness, of simplicity. They are ridged teachers but quick to forgive and never hold a grudge.

I've learned to do all with gusto, remain in the moment, use every sense, and remember it. Like Hungarian gypsies are known for being amazing violinists, children are known for creating great mothers. Here's to striving toward those ranks, and to finding what else there is to learn!

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rachel said...

i love this post!