Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My happy cloth diapered dog

When we got our sweet little puppy six years ago, I was a little overwhelmed with the idea of potty training a dog. The more I got to this particular dog, the more I become overwhelmed. From day one he would pee right next to puppy pads, but never on them. He would go outside and use the bathroom. Then come right back in and pee on the bathroom rug. Over the years we have grown used to his messes, but lately I have grown very tired of cleaning up pee stains all over my carpets. The solution to my problem? Cloth diapers for my dog. Our happy little chihuahua is now sporting our nine month old's diaper doublers inside a stylish wrap. A little more laundry, but lots let scrubbing the carpet.


rachel said...

is he more cooperative for diaper changes than a nine-month-old?

mle said...

i've got a dog who pees on my kitchen floor at least weekly. do you do customs? ;)

BeanyMama said...

For real! I don't have a dog, but worked at an animal hospital for years; so many sposie diapered little dogs! This is adorable and so practical! Etsy, hm?